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Handmade Elephant Tip shaped Ebony Serving Spoon

Sold By : Adungu Craft Shop

Sustainability plus the sophistication of hardwood. That’s what you can get from these handmade ebony wood utensils made by Rainforest Bowls!

These ebony spoons and forks boast of a rich dark color that blends easily with different kitchen setups and tableware. Now imagine if you pair them up with a polished coconut bowl made with reclaimed coconut shells—that’s a complete set of wood goodness without causing harm on trees!

These ebony utensils are also chemical-free. Polished with 100% natural coconut oil, they are totally safe to eat with, even for kids.

🎍 Made from 100% natural ebony wood offcuts
💚 Includes ebony wood spoon/s and fork/s
🥥 Won’t scratch your dishware
🙌 Handcrafted by artisans in Vietnam
🌱 Safe to use with food
🍃 No synthetic adhesives or coating
✨ Easy to wash and clean

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